Chasing Sunsets


Dark Highway Films


A James Cotten Film
Starring Stef Dawson, David Thomas Jenkins, Kiowa Gordon, Laurel Harris, with Matt Dallas, and Robert Craighead
Written by James Cotten and Amber Lindley. 
inspired by Dusty Richards' "The Mustanger and The Lady." 
Produced by Amber Lindley and James Cotten
Painted Woman Poster by The Refinery

Painted Woman Poster by The Refinery


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Inspired by prolific Western author Dusty Richards' novel, THE MUSTANGER AND THE LADY. Richards is a two-time winner of the prestigious Spur Award, among other numerous awards, including the OWFI Fiction Book of The Year Award, Inductee of the Arkansas Writers Hall of Fame, and winner of the Western Heritage Award for Western Novel. The legendary Richards is the author of over 140 western novels and short stories.